Thursday, April 28, 2011


So I've gotten some interesting Q's about the Honoo's backstory/origin.

Here's a smattering of thought and rationale.

Initial concept was that if you told a fireside story about any of the Monster Family critters including the Honoo (Flame) that there was a very good chance that one would appear in the fire - playing, dancing, skating on a board of flame etc. (whatever you were into) to keep prospective night terrors, whether real or imagined at bay. Protector of children, both young and old, Honoo loves a good story, a mulled beverage (cocoa, hot chocolate, sake, and mead are enjoyed with equal relish) and a warm fire. Honoos also appear in a wide range of colors and sizes depending on the nature of the story that's being told, the time of year, and what's being burned. Simple chemicals like Strontium = Red, Calcium Chloride = Orange, Sodium Nitrate = Yellow, Barium = Green, Copper Sulfate = Turquoise, Copper Chloride = Blue, Potassium = Purple, and Magnesium = White etc all summon different hued Honoos. But the story makes a difference too as regular old wood, a few pages from a trashy romance or a tale told of romance and unrequited love in the month of February can summon different shades of pink (authors note - I've NEVER called a pink one, ok well mebbe' once or twice). In fact I'm fairly certain the magic in the air from various holidays will also effect to color of the spirit called.

LIABILITY DISCLAIMER - As Beavis learned the hard way, don't burn stuff randomly. Most of that stuff can be DANGEROUS when burned so I like to stick w/ a rock lined pit in an approved area, driftwood, a good slithering creeper tale, and adult supervision so I can enjoy plenty of sake bombs!!!