Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Bat Butts & Goat Guts" Show

Sharing the flyer for the upcoming show w/ the amazing Mr PK along with the first customized resin PickleBaby's.

PickleBaby came five hundred gazillion light years to give you a hug and perhaps an anal probe, but look how damn cute he is! Standing 8.25" at the back of the head, w/ magnetic articulation at arms and neck, the injured alien fashioned a body out of the first Earthly organic matter he came in contact w/, namely the abandoned cucumber patch he crashed in and the bones of the hapless pickle farmer buried there.

PickleBabies are landing w/ an exclusive run (more details to come) and many one-offs at Dragatomi this Halloween Season for the "Bat Butts & Goat Guts" Show opening Sat Oct 13th. I'll have a variety of other customs toys and other artwork as well.

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